Laser Welder

Newstar has had a laser welder since 2006.

The micro-fusion laser produces a sharply focused beam that melts a microscopic area of metal. The metal then cools instantly, thereby fusing the two pieces. Laser welded connections are 260% stronger than solder and 95% as strong as the original metal. This technology ensures top-quality work.

Laser technology enables our jewelers to work with unique metals like titanium and stainless steel. With the alternative metals being used in jewelry today, the laser gives us an advantage on being able to repair these items if needed.

The laser improves the repair work of platinum, by eliminating the use of solder, enabling us to keep the metal free of contaminants. Eyeglasses can also be repaired with a better weld than traditional solder can provide. In some cases the removal of heat sensitive stones is unnecessary, providing a more cost efficient repair. Intricate fabrication and repair of jewelry can be performed with ease, allowing our jewelers to accomplish sophisticated tasks, which are simply not possible at other jewelry stores.

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